The DALAL FAMILY Foundation
Overcoming Disabilities

Disability Empowerment Projects

Persons with disabilities are a vulnerable segment of society. They need attention and due care to live as normal a life as everyone around them. The Dalal Family Foundation has been supporting projects focused on disability prevention and empowerment of the disabled.

Pillar Care Continuum, New Jersey, USA

Cerebral Palsy

Pillar Care Continuum is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and other special needs by supporting personal growth, independence and participation in the community..

The Dalal Family Foundation supports Pillar Preschool, Pillar Elementary School and Pillar High School with the purchase of medical equipment for the enhancement of their therapeutic programs.

Heart and Hand for the Handicapped, New York, USA

Heart and Hand for the Handicapped

Heart and hand for the Handicapped, HHH, is a USA based not-for-profit organization that donates money to organizations in India and the US to empower children with physical and mental challenges. HHH is run by volunteers, who lend their expertise in different areas. The Dalal Family Foundation supports HHH's Autism and Polio Project.

PNR Society, Bhavnagar, India

PNR Society

PNR Society, Bhavnagar is a unique group of institutions which is rendering outstanding services to more than 3000 disabled beneficiaries every day. The Dalal Family Foundation is supporting initiatives such as:

  • The disabilities prevention program which includes prevention of rubella, deafness and blindness
  • AT&T Technology Park computer training institute for the disabled


Muskan Foundation, Mumbai, India

Muskan Foundation

The Dalal Family Foundation supports The Muskan Foundation, Mumbai which addresses the lack of services, awareness and support that hamper mainstream opportunities for children with multiple disabilities with visual impairment (MDVI).

Sneha Jyoti Andhavidyalaya Blind School, Ratnagiri, India

Sneha Jyoti Andhavidyalaya Blind School

Sneha Jyoti Nivasi Blind School, a boarding school for the blind is in the Gharadi village of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. The school was started by Ashatai Kamat in 2003 to bring joy and hope to the lives of visually-impaired children by extending a hand of love and care.

The Dalal Family Foundation supports this project by the way of funding the construction and expansion of the facility. The music hall construction was funded by the Dalal Family Foundation and inaugurated by the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar in March, 2014.

Koshish School for Hearing and Speaking Disabilities, Mumbai, India

Koshish school is a Mumbai based institution engaged in the training, education and nurturing of children with hearing and speaking disabilities. The school works on areas of awareness, investigation and total rehabilitation of deaf children.

The Dalal Family Foundation helps to subsidize the cost of therapists to the institution to help them in their endeavor to provide effective treatment.

AWMH Maharashtra, Mumbai, India

Sneha Jyoti Andhavidyalaya Blind School

Early Intervention and Care is a critical requirement for any developmentally delayed child. AWMH runs one of India's biggest Early Intervention and Research Project, with 5 EIRP Clinics located all over Mumbai City & suburbs. EIRP Clinics provide Counselling, Therapy and Pre-School Stimulation free of cost, to all the infants and children in the age group of 0-6 years, irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion.

The Dalal Family Foundation USA is the sponsor for one of the centres of AWMH at Ghatkopar Mumbai and takes care of all the needs at the centre to provide quality services to the children who are differently abled.